Agreement brings together 4 Arab countries including Syria to expand trade exchange

The ministers of agriculture of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq agreed to intensify trade exchanges by exchanging documents on the possibility of establishing a private joint venture between them to market agricultural products.

In a final statement released today on the work of the four in Beirut, the Syrian Ministers of Agriculture, engineer Muhammad Hassan Qatna, the Lebanese Dr. Abbas Al-Haj Hasan, the Iraqi engineer Muhammad Karim Al-Khafaji and the Jordanian engineer Khaled Al-Hanaifat stressed the need to develop unified models phytosanitary and veterinary-sanitary certificates of four countries based on international standards, as well as detailed provisions on the grounds and criteria for issuing each of them.

The ministers agreed to accept the draft memorandums of understanding submitted by the Syrian side as an initial document for consideration and comments in accordance with the rules adopted in each country, which should be reformulated to reflect the vision of the common countries and should be jointly signed. .

The ministers called on other Arab countries willing to join the discussions and dialogues between the four meeting countries to expand the horizons of coordination, cooperation and trade exchange between the Arab countries.

The Ministers decided to refer the discussion of issues related to the transit and transportation of goods to the relevant authorities and approve what is appropriate and approve at the next meeting, in the presence of the Ministers of Transport of the participating countries, in a way that will ensure a reduction in marketing costs and an increase in the exchange of agricultural products between countries.

The ministers of agriculture of the four countries agreed to hold the next meeting in September to invite international and Arab organizations working in the field of agriculture and investors who want to see investment opportunities in all countries.

Source: Sana

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