Agency: It will be difficult to reach a consensus at the G-20 meeting due to the presence of Russia and China

The United States is seeking additional deals with countries that have agreed on Ukraine in an attempt to bypass Russia and China at the G-20 meeting in Bali, a US official said.

Bloomberg quoted a senior US State Department official as saying that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, facing a split in the group, would use the event to hold Russia accountable for a range of problems facing the world, including the food and energy crisis.

The agency said this means reaching consensus at the group meeting “will be difficult due to the presence of China and Russia.”

The official added that Blinken’s talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Saturday will discuss several issues in relations between their two countries, and pointed out that there is a major urgent issue, namely the announcement of tariff cuts on Chinese goods. an issue that was the focus of telephone conversations between Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The agency said the talks are a sign that contacts between Washington and Beijing are improving after they have seen a decline to their lowest level in decades, according to a description by the US ambassador to China.

The agency added that the meeting in Bali is expected to help lay the groundwork for a phone conversation between US Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping later this month.

Source: Bloomberg

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