Agency: Germans will be shocked when they receive gas bills

The head of the German Network Agency, Klaus Müller, said that Germans should prepare and expect a significant increase in gas tariffs, noting that the situation with gas supplies in Germany remains tense.

According to Muller in an interview with the group Funke The media recently reported that Russia cut Nord Stream supplies by 60%, and, according to him, technical problems were not at all the reason for this.

Muller noted that there is a 10-day pipeline maintenance every summer, but under the current conditions, it is confusing thousands of industrial enterprises, adding: “We wonder if this technical reform of political reform will not be much longer.”

Muller also expects gas prices to rise for consumers, as the Nord Stream crisis could triple the cost.

He continued: “Amid the crisis, many people in the country will not be able to put up with even a slight increase in energy prices, and as a result will be shocked when they receive notifications from suppliers.”

Mueller concluded that the authorities must take steps to make life easier for citizens.

Nord Stream, the company responsible for operating the Nord Stream gas pipeline, announced yesterday, Friday, that it was temporarily halting gas from Russia to Europe for repairs.

Nord Stream (a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea) is the main route for delivering Russian gas to Germany, and earlier there were concerns that the shutdown of the gas pipeline could exacerbate the gas crisis in Europe.

Source: RIA Novosti

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