After winning Wimbledon, Rybakina loses a chance to improve her world ranking due to a penalty

Although Kazakhstani Elena Rybakina won the third Wimbledon Grand Slam title for the first time in her career, this did not affect her position in the WTA rankings.

Wimbledon points were not awarded this season due to sanctions imposed by the WTA and the Professional Tennis Association on the British Tennis Association and Wimbledon organizers for preventing Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in the tournament.

Rybakina retained her 23rd place in the WTA rankings, according to

Rybakina beat Tunisian Anas Jaber, world runner-up, in straight sets against a group whose details are as follows: (6-3), (2-6) and (2-6) in the match between them last Saturday, and lasted one hour and 43 minutes.

Jaber fell from second to fifth in the world.

Elena Rybakina represented Russia until 2018, and later changed her sports nationality and began to represent Kazakhstan.


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