After the US Air Force reported a malfunction in the plane "F-35"Israeli Air Force temporarily suspend it

The U.S. Air Force has announced a temporary cessation of service for the F-35 due to a defect found in an ejection seat component.

This is to avoid the danger that pilots may be exposed to during an emergency, as it could lead to an uncontrolled explosion in the cockpit.

The Air Force has grounded most of its F-35s in the continental United States, the service said, temporarily taking the fighters out of service to test faulty ejection seats.

Military officials recently discovered problems with explosive rounds in some aircraft used to push fighter jet ejection seats.

And the US Air Force said last week they ordered an inspection of all F-35 ejection seats within the next 90 days, according to an Air Combat Command spokesman.

And the Israeli broadcaster Kahn reported that “Lockheed Martin’s F-35 is considered one of the best combat aircraft in the world,” as Israel purchased 50 F-35i aircraft, which the Israeli army called “Adir.”

Following the US Air Force’s statement, Israeli Air Force Commander Major General Tomer Bar conducted a special assessment of the situation last night, Saturday, after receiving information from the United States regarding the inspection of a defect in the ejection mechanism in the pilot’s seats in the F35, as he ordered at the end of the assessment General inspection situation aircraft “Adir” before the first flight, as this is a process that will be carried out by technical teams and is expected to be completed in the coming days.

He noted that testing “should be carried out carefully and comprehensively to reconfigure the configuration to achieve full efficiency while maintaining high safety standards.”

Source: “I24” + “defenseone”

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