After the ruling on his imprisonment … Al-Ahly’s new complaint against Mortada Mansour.

Mohamed Othman, Al-Ahli’s legal adviser from Egypt, has filed a new complaint with the prosecutor’s office against Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek, due to the latter’s “inappropriate misuse and abuse” against Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahli.

The report, which was submitted with a portfolio of documents, stated that “Al-Ahli and his officials have taken all legal methods to stop the abuses of President Zamalek, who threaten a riot in the sports street among the country’s inhabitants. With regard to the above, final decisions have also been made, which have not yet been implemented.”

The message also said: “President Zamaleka, in his televised appearances, underestimated the judgments handed down against him, arguing that they did not represent him with himself in regard to external acts committed by him that are not consistent with the value of the club he leads, nor his age. who is approaching the age of seventy-five.”

A few days ago, the Economic Court ruled against President Zamalek in Misdemeanor Case No. 430 of 2022, an administrative offense of appeal, with a one-month jail term with hard labor and ordering him to pay attorneys’ fees on charges of insult, slander and insulting symptoms against Mahmoud Al- Khatib, the President of Al-Ahly, as well as insulting the reputation and inconvenience of families through social networks.

This final decision has not yet been made.

Source: agencies

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