After the expulsion of pregnant women and babies, Ukrainian militants settled in hospitals and maternity hospitals in Odessa

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that Ukrainian militants sat in the buildings of hospitals and ambulance stations in the Odessa region, driving women and babies out of maternity hospitals.

On Wednesday, the head of the Center for National Defense of Russia, Mikhail Mezintsev, said: “In the Dobroslavsky and Krasnoselkovsky districts of the Limansky district of the Odessa region, buildings and outpatient clinics are used by fighters of the Ukrainian armed formations as command posts and barracks. at the same time, all patients, regardless of their state of health, as well as maternity hospitals, were expelled. With newborns, they were expelled from medical institutions in disgrace.

According to Mizintsev, medical workers who tried to resist the neo-Nazis were subjected to physical violence.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense.

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