After the earthquake… "Kurdish workers" Decides to suspend its military operations in Turkey

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) announced today, Friday, that it has temporarily suspended its “operation” in Turkey following the devastating earthquake that hit the country and Syria on Monday.

This is stated in the statement of the co-chairman of the Executive Council of the Union of Communities of Kurdistan (KUK) Jamil Bayik regarding the earthquake, which was published by the Firat news agency, close to the party. , which Ankara considers a terrorist organization.

Bayek said in a statement: “Thousands of our compatriots are still under the rubble. We must remove them as soon as possible because it is the winter season. Everyone should use all their possibilities for this.”

And he continued: “We do not want to add pain to pain … We assessed the situation from a humanitarian, emotional and moral point of view, therefore we call on all forces of military operations to stop their military operations in Turkey and its cities. and we have also decided not to conduct any operations unless the Turkish state attacks us.”

He added: “This decision of ours was valid until the pain of our people was stopped and their wounds were healed.”

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Defense accused the PKK of attacking a border checkpoint on the border with Syria, “taking advantage” of the earthquake.

Source: agencies

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