After the crisis with Algeria, Spain is looking for alternative markets in the Arab countries

On Monday, Spanish media reported that the authorities of some Spanish provinces have created a team of experts and economists with the aim of finding alternative sources of Algerian markets in North Africa.

Spanish sources indicated that the regional government of Murcia had opened communication channels with the affected companies to provide them with the necessary information about the markets and the development of the crisis with Algeria.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Verdade in the region, an independent civilian conglomerate is seeking alternative markets to Algeria in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Senegal.

The newspaper pointed out that the Ministry of Business and Employment, as well as some universities and institutes, have set up a task force specialized in trading with North African markets to deal with the current trade crisis with Algeria.

According to the regional executive director, the team is working to form communication channels to study the situation and provide data on real companies affected before assessing the situation around the current crisis.

“The main problem at the moment is the goods that have left the territory, as it is still not clear whether the Algerian authorities will allow them to enter,” said Valle Miguelis, an adviser to the local government.

Source: Sputnik + Spanish media

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