After the attack "Hizb Allah" Israel criticizes the representative of the army and intends to convey a message to Egypt

Jewish Channel 13 reported that after the Hezbollah drone attack on the Karish seafield on Monday, a secret discussion took place in Israel amid fears of a new attack attempt.

The Channel 13 report stated that “the narrative that Israel is trying to raise is that it is not only a security threat, and it includes not only Israel, but rather a global threat.”

It was noted that “the discussion, which was described as top secret, was chaired by Energy Minister Karen Al-Harr with all relevant security services and media: the Mossad, the National Security Council and the army.”

The report quoted security officials as saying during a discussion that they were “ready to counter any additional attacks”, explaining that “criticism was directed at the behavior of an Israeli army official on the same day (the ‘Hezbollah attack attempt’), and that the Israeli messages were not unified and did not correspond to each other.”

And the Jewish media reported that “Yesterday, Monday, a phone call was made between Israeli and European officials and the following message was transmitted: ‘Don’t sit on the sidelines. The damage is not limited to the Israeli energy sector in that the fact that Hezbollah is attacking the Karish platform, and more specifically the Karish platform, threatens supplies to Europe,” he said, noting that “a similar message will be transmitted to Egypt.”

The Jewish media pointed out that “in a comment by an Israeli army representative, the following was mentioned: “The army representative, in his capacity as an official representative of the state, coordinates the necessary data with the political level through the representative of the Ministry of Security and the National Media Authority, as happened here, and the representative of the armed forces does not shares confidential security information with representatives of ministries or economic companies. In addition, the discussions this morning (yesterday) in the Department of Energy were classified, and we regret such leaks.

Source: “I24”

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