After the announcement of the largest increase in gasoline prices.. the publication of the tariff for car trips in Egypt

Car fares rose unevenly in a number of Egyptian governorates after the government announced the largest increase in petrol prices in the country.

Transportation prices rose in parking lots in Gharbia Province, where everyone adhered to the new transport tariff after the increase in fuel prices set by the Ministry of Local Development.

The Governor of Gharbia called for intensified joint campaigns by the relevant agencies, parking and traffic departments, as well as supply departments for maintenance, regional and domestic parking, to ensure that drivers adhere to the new fare and not exploit citizens, since the increase did not exceed 25 piastres only on all transport lines.

Sources at the Cairo Provincial Public Transportation Authority have revealed new bus prices following the increase in petrol prices.

The cost of the trip will increase by 5%, equivalent to 50 piastres, to offset the rise in diesel prices, the sources said.

The decisions taken included changing the established taxi fare in the province of Assiut to 8.5 pounds, for travel within the city of Assiut – 2.25 pounds, for travel in the new city of Assiut – 4.5 pounds, for travel in the new city of Assiut – GBP 2.25, in addition to the increase in the fare between the city of Asyut and its centers to GBP 11.75, to Dayrut, GBP 9 to Al Qusiyah, GBP 5 to Manfalut, GBP 4.75 to Abutei, GBP 7 to Sadu, 8 pounds in Al-Ganaem, 5 pounds. for Sahel Selim, £7 for Badari, £3.75 for Abnoub and £2.75 for opening.

As for the established tariff between Assiut and other governorates, it became 112 pounds for Cairo, 18 pounds for Mallawi, 25.5 pounds for Minya, 13.75 pounds for Tahta, 24.5 pounds for Sohag, 39.25 pounds for Balina , 38 pounds for Gergie and 39 pounds. £25 for Dar es Salaam, £43.5 for New Valley, £48.75 for Nag Hammadi, £55 for Qena and £97.5 for Hurghada.

Source: Cairo 24

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