Acknowledging My Mistake: Reflections on Dismissing Tel Aviv Police Brigade Commander

Israeli Police Commissioner Major General Yaakov Shabtai admitted that he made a mistake in the decision to fire the chief of the Tel Aviv district police, and confirmed that he would not succumb to political pressure.

He said that a wide range of assignments were planned to be prepared in a short time, stressing that Tel Aviv District Police Chief Ami Ashad is a professional, organized and experienced officer.

Major General Yaakov Shabtai added: “I made a mistake in my assessment. I made a mistake in the timing and manner in which he announced the dismissal of the commander of the Tel Aviv Brigade … and I do not underestimate this.

He continued: “I accept and respect the Attorney General’s decision to suspend the decision and it should be clear that I have no doubt that I and Tel Aviv Brigade Commander Ami Ashad will continue to act with dignity and professionalism. as we have done until today.”

Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai stressed that he would not succumb to political pressure.

Shabtai announced last night that he would freeze Ashad’s dismissal and tried to evade cooperation with National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

Shabtai’s decision came after government legal adviser Gali Bekharev-Mayara announced that she had instructed the relevant authorities to freeze any decision or action against Tel Aviv Police Brigade Commander Ami Ashad until the necessary judicial investigation was completed in an orderly fashion. noting that there are serious concerns about the legality of the decision.

Source: Israeli i24 news website.

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