accusations "skip" In the fight for relegation … the official response of the Egyptian League

The Egyptian Premier League curtain came down last Tuesday evening as Zamalek retained the title and the trio of El Gouna, Misr El Makasa and East Company were promoted to the first division.

In the last round of the league, there was a bitter three-way fight between El Gouna, Ghazl El Mahalla and the Arab contractors for the survival of two of them after the relegation of Misr El Makas and the East Company.

Ghazl El Mahalla and Arab Contractors managed to survive the relegation after the former drew with Alexandria club Al Ittihad and the latter won against Al Masry while El Gouna were relegated despite beating the club” Pyramids”.

After the end of the last round matches, allegations of missing out on social media due to a draw between Ghazl Al-Mahalla and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the last round helped the “gap leader” survive.

Some pointed out that the last minutes of the match between Al Ittihad of Alexandria and Ghazl El Mahalla were played negatively by the “gap leader” despite having possession of the ball.

The seriousness of these accusations was reinforced by a “tweet” posted by Islam Mohareb, an El Gouna player, through his official Twitter account, in which he wrote: “God is enough for me and He is the best agent.”

Although the player did not reveal his goal on Twitter, he appeared just after the matches ended, confirming comments that the player intended to press charges of missing matches.

official response

For his part, Amer Hussein, head of the competition committee, responded to these allegations in a press statement.

Amer Hussein said that all matches were closely monitored by observers to prevent any attempts to manipulate the results.

Hussein pointed out that observers of relegation matches were warned to write any notes that could refer to manipulation during those matches.

For his part, Majed Sami, president of the Wadi Degla club, has come up with a new way to keep up the fight for relegation next season.

In a post on his official Facebook social media account, Sami said: “The relegation system should be changed from next season to combat the ugly miss phenomenon. between 17th and 14th and a play-off match between 16th and 15th. Assuming the existence of this clause in the current season, the last 10 clubs would play their matches seriously until the whistle at the end of the last match.

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