According to the Rumors, The F-Zero GX Will Be Remastered Soon

Another iconic Nintendo Gamecube title appears to be on the verge of a remake. F-Zero GX may be remastered on the Nintendo Switch, according to a Nintendo Prime rumor.

F-Zero GX_

Next Level Games is rumored to be working on the remaster. It is the development team behind Mario Strikers: Battle League and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

F-Zero GX Remaster is now being worked on by Next Level Games, according to sources with whom the outlet has spoken. This information was previously obtained from other sources.

The series’ final Nintendo main system release was F-Zero GX, released in 2003. Over the past 20 years, the console version of the franchise has been idle. Nonetheless, a few Game Boy Advance games were made available. The most recent was F-Zero Climax in Japan in 2004.

Up to 30 racers competed in a single race on F-Zero GX. Online multiplayer might be possible with a remake. The Nintendo Switch could host some of the most fun racing since its 2017 introduction if it maintains the 30 racer events.

No more information, such as a release date, was provided. Nintendo refuses to respond to a request for comment from Insider Gaming.

What do you think about the creation of an F-Zero GX Remastered game?

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