Accelerating Progress: Washington and EU Push Kyiv to Move Forward Faster

Politico writes that the US and Europe do not like the fact that Ukrainian forces are showing great caution on the front lines in their counteroffensive.

The United States and several European countries have been urging Ukraine for weeks to move quickly along the front lines and not wait for good weather or other factors to strike Russian positions.

For their part, Ukrainian officials have argued that there was no deliberate delay by Kiev, insisting that Russian planes, minefields and bad weather impede the advance of Ukrainian forces, while pointing to their desire to move faster.

Observers have warned that Ukrainian forces, despite the training the Ukrainian army has received in the west, are unlikely to fight in the same way as “NATO” forces, as Kiev is still pursuing a strategy of attrition despite recent joint arms exercises. operations, mobile warfare and long-range precision shooting.

According to Politico, on Monday Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, stressed the need to replenish Kiev’s arsenal with additional artillery and missile systems, introduce new sanctions against Russia and accelerate the training of Ukrainian pilots. .

Earlier, Western media indicated that the Ukrainian army faced a number of problems during the counterattack, as The New York Times wrote, citing experts, that Russian artillery and aviation do not allow Kiev to cover its air defense forces.

The newspaper later pointed out that Russia’s actions had turned the “Kiev Offensive” into a slow, tedious and bloody operation. CNN pointed out that the offensive operations of Ukrainian forces did not show the noticeable success that Kyiv’s allies expected, while Russian forces showed an efficiency that exceeded their expectations.

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