AC Milan in talks to sign Dybala

AC Milan, the Italian football champions, have started talks to sign Argentina’s Paulo Dybala, whose contract with Juventus expires at the end of this month.

Dybala’s contract with Juventus expires on Thursday and the Argentine player can now sign for free with any team.

According to, AC Milan fell through on a deal with Dybala, taking advantage of the stalemate in negotiations between the player and Inter.

The website states that the first contact between Milan officials and Dybala representatives took place two weeks ago.

Calciomercato explained that Milan had told Dybala’s representatives that he was interested in signing the Argentine star and was preparing an offer that included receiving an annual salary of less than 7 million euros.

And the Inter administration rejected Dybala’s terms regarding an annual salary and his agent’s commission in the deal, leading to a recent freeze on talks.

The Italian site said Dybala was open to a move to Milan but was prioritizing Inter and Atlético Madrid.

Source: agencies

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