Abdullahyan: Washington’s solidarity with the rebels is contrary to American friendly signals

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian believes that US solidarity with the rebels in Iran contradicts consistent messages from Washington about the need to revive the nuclear agreement.

This happened during talks held on the sidelines of a Group of 77 meeting at UN Headquarters in New York between Iranian Foreign Minister “Amir Abdollahian” and his Iraqi counterpart “Fuad Hussein.”

Emphasizing the legitimacy of popular protests, the Foreign Secretary sharply criticized America’s interventionist stance in the affairs of Iran and the region, including its recent provocative behavior expressed in solidarity with rioters and movements that exploit the pure feelings of the Iranian people in the context of a scheme aimed at the country’s security. .

On the other hand, the Iranian and Iraqi ministers discussed bilateral relations and regional issues, including developments in Yemen and Ukraine, the latest developments in the dialogue between Tehran and Riyadh in Baghdad, in addition to the issue of lifting the embargo.

Regarding the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Hussein said that Iraq is ready to continue its efforts in this context and hold a new round of dialogue between the two countries.

Source: Arna

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