Abdullahyan reveals details of negotiations with Saudi Arabia: five rounds in Baghdad… and the idea of ​​a public meeting

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said there is an idea of ​​holding public political talks with Saudi Arabia in Baghdad after five rounds in Iraq.

This came in response to an IRNA question that Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein had said “Iranian-Saudi talks will start soon in Baghdad.”

Abdullahyan said: “The fifth round of our talks ended in Baghdad, where some of the agreements reached have been implemented, and some have not yet been implemented.”

He added: “There is an idea that we can start negotiations at the political and public level in Baghdad, and we have generally accepted and agreed with this idea.”

Abdullahyan confirmed that his country welcomes the opening of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran, saying: “At any time, this country is ready to reopen its embassy in Tehran and restore relations to their normal state, we welcome this and the process of our discussions will continue in accordance with conditions to reach this point.

The Iranian minister expressed confidence that “everything that was agreed during the five rounds of negotiations should be activated and implemented, and that we will move forward in this regard when we take a new step at the political level, at which negotiations should be completed.” is happening.”

Abdullahyan said his country’s relations with some of the Arab countries in the region have “deteriorated due to the break in diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

Source: IRNA agency

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