A week after it was shut down, fearing a malfunction, the Israeli Air Force restarted its fighters. "F-35" for work

The Israeli army announced last Monday night that “the F-35 fighter group has resumed its full operations,” a week after the decision to completely halt its training due to fears of a malfunctioning ejection seat.

An Israeli army spokesman said in a statement that “elements of the Israeli Air Force’s repair apparatus yesterday completed testing of the fighters and it was found that there are no defects in the ejection mechanism of the Israeli fighters.”

It was noted that “after the completion of the tests, the fighters carried out offensive missions as part of the last military operation in the Gaza Strip.”

It is worth noting that earlier concerns about a malfunction of the ejection seat in the cockpit (the pilot’s ejection seat when the plane was shot down) forced the US military to announce the suspension of the F-35 fighters in his possession.

The US military informed all armies using this type of fighter, including the Israeli Air Force, about the malfunction, while specifying the method and timing of the tests necessary to verify the absence of damaged fireballs in the ejection seat.

Source: “I24”

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