A touching scene… an Egyptian’s mother shares her joy at winning the squash championship

Social media trailblazers have shared a video of Egyptian player Mostafa Asala’s mother entering the stadium to celebrate victory with him and share in the joy of winning the G8 squash tournament.

Mostafa Asal (world number four) won Sunday’s final match against New Zealander Paul Cole (second seed) 3-0 in a match that lasted 76 minutes in a tournament hosted by Egypt from 21 to 26 this month.

And the player posted through his personal Twitter account a video clip of the moment his mother entered the stadium to congratulate him and share the celebration and warm hugs between them.

Sports accounts and tweets described the shot of Asal’s mother entering the stadium as the “video of the season” as she showed a sense of pride in her son after winning the final and finishing in the top eight in a row for the second time. .

Mostafa Assal, the Egyptian squash champion, said the pharaohs are on the same wavelength as Brazil in a football match, dedicating his mother to the G8 squash championship.

And Assal added in a telephone interview to one of the Egyptian channels: “My mother plays a very important role in my life. She is the unknown soldier in my life. , “Maybe dad or someone else.”

For her part, Mona Khazin, Mustafa Asal’s mother, said: “The game of squash has a lot of fans and our whole life was spent in the club to be with Mustafa.”

She added, “We used to study and eat at the club to give it a good vibe.”

And she continued: My son was diligent, and he listened to the words of his coaches, and his father. At the time of his victory, our nerves were very tense, and he had an intestinal infection, but he played the championship.

Source: “Egyptian Media”

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