A strange scene at the World Championships: a swimmer stands alone on the podium after being stripped of his gold medal.

In the final of the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, a strange situation occurred when American swimmer Justin Reiss lost his gold medal in the 50m backstroke before crowning it again.

Reese took first place in the 50m backstroke, 0.02 seconds behind his compatriot Hunter Armstrong.

But the panel of judges ruled out Reese, who won the gold medal after using video technology, deciding that the American touched the wall at the end of the race with his whole body underwater, which is against the law in this sport.

By court decision, the gold medal went to his compatriot Armstrong, silver was won by 17-year-old Pole Ksaviri Matsiuk, and bronze went to Italian Thomas Shikon.

“I’m very disappointed that my teammate didn’t win first,” Armstrong said. “I hope we can appeal this decision.”

The Americans managed to return Reese the right to be crowned, after the jury granted the team’s request, to return the gold medal to Justin Reese, while Armstrong returned to third place, and Pole Masyuk dropped to third place.

The bronze medal went to Italian swimmer Shikon, who broke the 100m backstroke record at the same event.

After this decision, Justin Reese appeared alone on the podium, holding his gold medal, in a strange scene that had not been seen before in swimming championships.

Reese was well liked by social media pioneers, who saw the thirty minutes between his loss of victory and his return to the podium filled with mixed feelings.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Reese has previously been a three-time champion in swimming organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, known as the NCAA.

Source: Dailymail

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