A Russian official explained the consequences of an artillery shell hitting a container with nuclear fuel at the Zaporozhye plant

Deputy head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mikhail Chudakov said that a possible fall of an artillery shell on a container with spent fuel at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant could lead to “dirty bomb” type consequences.

Chudakov, who also works as head of the Department of Atomic Energy in Russia, said today, Saturday, on the sidelines of the Atom Expo forum in the Russian city of Sochi: “If there is spent fuel on the site, and it is in concrete containers in a dry warehouse, then so that an artillery shell can fly there.” Because a “dirty bomb” appears, and there is no need to look for a bomb in the form of a bomb.

He added that the container’s 3m-wide concrete wall protection might not withstand artillery fire, adding: a rocket that easily broke through a wall. “protective casing”.

In this regard, Chudakov stressed that Russia is leading the development of nuclear energy, explaining: “Russia is making progress, like China, because the leaders of the two countries are interested in this. In the implementation of these tasks, it is transferred to small private companies, even if they are not small , but still the dollar is the cornerstone that hinders progress, because at the initial stage, investments in nuclear energy must be very large.Then the costs pay off in 20 years, and after that profits begin.But private companies or private banks are rarely willing to invest in such construction, and it is necessary to organize this process on the part of the state. Therefore, Russia is ahead of other countries. “

And make sure that Russia is seen as a leader in the construction of nuclear reactors and small units needed by small countries and isolated lands.

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