A new sign of the end of Ronaldo’s career at Manchester United.

Manchester United Football Club unveiled its second jersey of the new season on Saturday.

The shirt was all white with a black collar studded in white and red, except for the red and black stripes over the shoulder.

The introductory video for the new jersey featured a group of Manchester stars, including Tunisian Hannibal Al Majbri and Portugal’s Bruno Fernandez.

Manchester United also released photos of other players wearing the team’s second shirt for the new season.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was absent from the launch of United’s second shirt, whether in the official Twitter video or the official news on the Manchester United website.

It has been reported that Ronaldo has officially asked to leave Manchester United this summer, but he has yet to come to an agreement with a new club.

According to British media reports, Ronaldo is refusing to remain with United until his contract expires in the summer of 2023 in protest at the club’s lackluster activity in the current summer transfer market and the team’s failure to qualify for the Champions League. competition.

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