A new crisis threatens the return of the English Premier League

The English Premier League is facing a new hurdle that threatens replays over the next week after it was suspended this week due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The return of Premier League matches will be impacted by a lack of TV coverage as a result of coverage of the aftermath of the Queen’s death throughout the week, according to the Daily Mail.

She pointed out that Sky Sports, the main rights holder in the Premier League, was suffering from a shortage of outside broadcast trucks needed for live broadcasting, as many trucks were used on the Sky News channel.

Sky Sports plans to broadcast 8 matches live next week, starting with Aston Villa vs. Southampton in the English Premier League on Friday night, followed by Tottenham and Leicester the next day, Brentford vs. Arsenal and Chelsea against Liverpool.

In addition, Sky will broadcast two top division matches on Saturday, as well as Scottish Premier League and Women’s Premier League matches the next day.

Source: “Agency”

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