A mass march of environmental activists continues in Oslo, the entrance to the Ministry of Finance is closed

Environmental activists, including Sámi representatives, continued their large-scale protest in the government district of Oslo, Norway’s capital, on Tuesday morning, according to NRK TV.

Demonstrators blocked the entrance to the building of the Norwegian Ministry of Finance in protest against the construction of power plants to generate electricity from the wind in the areas inhabited by the Sambi people or the Sami (Labians), who are the indigenous people of the northern regions in some countries. northern Europe.

Environmental activists have been organizing these protests in the government district since Thursday last week. On Monday evening, they closed the entrance to the Ministry of Oil and Energy, and chained themselves to the entrance during the day. Employees of six ministries are encouraged to work from home. On Tuesday, the demonstrators stepped up their movements.

“We have banned employees from the ministries of oil, energy, agriculture and some other ministries in the region from going to work, and today we will block access to the Ministry of Finance,” said activist Ella Marie Heta Isaksen, speaking on behalf of members of Nature and Youth and Association of Norwegian parents “Nuorat”.

According to the NTB, the Ministry of Finance urged its employees to work from home after protesters blocked the entrance to the ministry.

And local media confirm that dozens of activists are participating in the action, and on Monday the police drove them out of the district government building, but they returned and chained themselves there.

In 2021, Norway’s Supreme Court ruled that the two Sambi wind farms violated the rights of indigenous people who often herd reindeer because the noise of plant fans frightens their animals. But the Norwegian government has said that despite the Supreme Court’s decision, the ultimate fate of these stations is a complex legal and political issue and it hopes to find a compromise.

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