A huge gift from Casemiro before participating in the World Cup in Qatar

Brazilian midfielder Casemiro turned to the world of cars before competing with his country in the World Cup in Qatar.

The Manchester United star has decided to buy a Rolls-Royce Black for himself and another multipurpose Bentley Bentayga for his wife Anna Mariana.

British newspaper The Sun reported that Casemiro did this to celebrate with his family the atmosphere of the World Cup as his car cost £230,000 compared to £200,000 for his wife’s car.

Casemiro’s car, which arrived at his home in Manchester while he was with his country, is gray and has a high speed of 250 kilometers per hour, while his wife’s car was black and reaches 305 kilometers per hour.

Notably, Brazil is in Group G of the global tournament starting next Sunday, along with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

Source: “Media”

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