A group of hackers provided the Russian military with information about the Ukrainian army

The Russian hacker group RaHDit said it opened a communication channel with the Russian military to transmit information about the movements of the Ukrainian army to them.

“We have opened a communication channel to deliver information (to the Russian military), and we really hope that this will help them,” a member of the group said on condition of anonymity.

The same source previously reported that the Russian hacker group RaHDit and the Ukrainian hacker group Peregeni had unearthed secret documents about the activities of the Ukrainian army and the status quo at the front.

And last week, the RaHDit hacker group published on its Nimizida website new information about employees of the Main Intelligence Service of Ukraine and people associated with it. These documents contain information about 2.5 thousand people. Information about Russian citizens cooperating with Russian military intelligence was also passed on to the relevant Russian authorities.

Source: RIA Novosti

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