A French press report reveals Russia’s oil and gas revenues: "Moscow is literally flooded with money"!

French journalist Francois Lenglet said that Russia earns 3,700 euros every second from the sale of oil and gas.

The journalist, in his speech on the RTL TV channel, pointed out that the sanctions did not have a negative impact on Moscow’s oil and gas revenues, but, on the contrary, increased their growth.

He explained that after the imposition of sanctions due to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s revenues from fuel exports increased by 40%. Thanks to Western sanctions, prices have risen, causing speculation in world markets.

“Trading volume is a bit smaller, but at much higher prices, which means big money,” Lenglet said, adding that Russia is “literally swimming in money.”

He also noted that while Russia is making money on sanctions, Westerners need to save money and fight rising inflation.

“European countries have paid Russian President Vladimir Putin more than 86 billion euros since February 24. This is 3,700 euros every second,” he said.

The journalist summed up: “I’ve been talking for a minute and a half, during this time more than 300,000 euros have passed from Europe to Russia, and this is not counting other countries.

Earlier, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that his country would not be able to provide itself with gas without the supply of Russian blue fuel. He explained that buying gas from Russia is not a sign of political support, but rather “the reality of the region.”

Source: RTL

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