A European official expects the old continent to experience a cold winter, the harshest in 60 years.

Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Clement Honore has predicted that Europe will experience a harsh winter this year, the toughest in 60 years, due to efforts to phase out Russian gas in light of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

According to him, Europe will have to “pay” for the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Romania pointed out in a TV interview that there are currently no signs that the conflict in Ukraine will end soon, but on the contrary, it will last longer than many expected.

“It will be a severe winter, probably the most severe in the last 40-50-60 years, unfortunately for the whole of Europe,” he said.

However, the Roman politician expressed the opinion that sanctions should have been imposed against Russia, because “there were no other instruments of influence.” The official stressed that Romania will be able to overcome the energy crisis.

He said: “We can meet about 80% of Romania’s gas needs, but we have to buy about two billion cubic meters on the market, and if we don’t buy, we will certainly have problems, and I am convinced that we will buy gas so that electricity, and with the help of compensation we will survive the winter.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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