"A chuckle is heard from the Kremlin"British readers call the failure of the new aircraft carrier a disgrace

Readers of the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reacted to the recent news of the failure of the British aircraft carrier “HMS Prince of Wales”, launched just a few years ago.

A Briton nicknamed “Millsy2611” wrote: “What a shame. Surely this news has reached the Russian media.”

A CalmDownWokies reader added: “There’s a chuckle coming from the Kremlin.”

“We rule over the seas. We are the masters of the world and the laughingstock of the whole world,” continued the reader with the title “lusitano65”.

One Cardpoints reader joked, “Give him a sail and the problem will be solved.”

A reader named “nth-wave” expressed his opinion on the matter, writing: “This is a farce. The largest British warship stuck in the English Channel and captured by migrants in inflatable boats. This government is beyond contempt.”

The new British aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales suffered a malfunction immediately after it left the British coast on its way to participate in joint military exercises with the United States. The £3bn vessel is currently anchored off the Isle of Wight, where it is undergoing a technical survey. A spokesman for the British navy that this is a “technical problem” did not provide any other details on this matter.

Source: RIA Novosti

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