9 crew members of the US aircraft carrier were injured in a fire that broke out on board

The US Navy announced that a fire broke out aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln during maneuvers off the coast of California, injuring nine members of its crew.

“On the morning of November 29, a fire broke out aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln,” the US Navy said in a statement.

“Thanks to the efforts of the crew, his whereabouts were quickly located and brought under control,” she added, explaining that nine people “suffered minor injuries and were treated on board.”

An investigation was launched, but the aircraft carrier did not interrupt its maneuvers in the area.

In July 2020, a major fire destroyed the landing craft USS Bonhomme Richard while it was moored for repairs at the California Naval Station San Diego, its main port, and 21 people were injured in the fire.

One of the ship’s employees was charged with arson before being acquitted.

Source: AFP.

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