6 Drawings Refute Western Claims That Russia Is Behind Rising Energy and Food Prices

In recent months, the West has accused Russia of being behind the rise in global oil and food prices, under the pretext that this was the result of a special operation in Ukraine.

In the article, political scientist and economic analyst Alexander Nazarov pointed to the real reasons for the rise in energy and food prices, which threaten countries with serious consequences.

Nazarov stressed that global food prices are now back to pre-Russian military operation levels in Ukraine, confirming that it had no impact on global food prices and stocks.

The political and economic analyst pointed out that global food and energy prices began to rise in mid-2020, in light of the irresponsible policies pursued by Western central banks in recent years, when they deliberately pumped tens of trillions of unsupported currencies into their economies, which fueled inflation.

The author has attached 6 data charts to his article showing the movement of prices for the following commodities: wheat, soybeans, sugar, corn, rice and oil. The charts accurately show the period in which prices began to rise:

Source: RT

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