48 Peaceful Demonstrators Killed in Odessa Tragedy, 9 Years On

Today, May 2, marks 9 years since the attack by ultra-nationalist Ukrainian elements on the building of the Council of Trade Unions in Odessa, which killed 48 peaceful demonstrators.

On this occasion, the Acting Governor of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Leonid Pasechnik, said that the fighters of Donbass and All-Russian militants are fighting, among other things, so that the Odessa tragedy that occurred on May 2, 2014, when Ukrainian extremists attacked participants in a peaceful protest, did not repeat the Council trade unions. They set fire to it, killing 48 civilians that day.

Pasichnik continued: “9 years after the accident, the criminals were not punished, and they were not even tried to find them … For all those who died at the hands of the Nazis, for the victory of justice and for ensuring that such crimes do not happen again, our soldiers are now fighting.”

Anti-Maidan activists in Kiev in 2014 camped at Kulikovo Pole during a protest demonstration on the afternoon of May 2, and quarrels broke out between anti-Maidan activists on the one hand and some extremist Ukrainian nationalist elements. they destroyed the tents and burned the Council of Trade Unions, in which the protesters had taken refuge. The number of victims of the tragedy that day reached 48, more than 250 were injured.

On the eve of the anniversary of these events, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the murder of people in the Odessa Council of Trade Unions a repetition of the Bandera crimes in Khatyn during the Great Patriotic War and indicated that a comprehensive investigation of the Odessa event had not yet been conducted. Moreover, according to her, a number of those who were caught and clearly identified from the cameras, engaged in massacre, are now engaged in social activities.

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