351 Flights Cancelled in Germany in a Single Day

German service workers’ union Verdi expected to cancel 351 flights this coming Monday at four airports as a result of a workers’ strike.

She explained that the reason was a round-the-clock strike of employees responsible for aviation security.

“Longer waiting times and flight cancellations should be expected,” said the union, which issued a call to support demands for higher wages and better working conditions.

A working group of German commercial airports estimates that 351 flights from Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover will be canceled, which should affect about 100,000 passengers.

Its chief executive, Ralph Bissell, condemned the union’s excesses, noting that airports are barely recovering from the deepest aviation crisis.

Verdi is in talks with the aviation safety association to increase night and weekend hours, hoping a third strike of this magnitude since the start of the year will have a significant impact.

The union added: “Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week has a negative impact on family life.”

“Working conditions need to be more attractive so that enough people are willing to do the job,” she added.

Meanwhile, Verdi and Germany’s post office management announced on Saturday that they had reached an agreement for Deutsche Post’s 160,000 employees that would see an 11.5% increase in average wages, with an increase of up to 20.3% for the lowest wages.

This compromise was reached after difficult negotiations, accompanied by several strikes.

Source: AFP.

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