214,000 Buildings in Turkey to Be Demolished: Erdogan Confirms

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that his country has identified 214,608 buildings in earthquake zones in need of immediate demolition as they were damaged by the quake.

Erdogan indicated in a speech he gave on Friday during the Turkish National Risk Shield meeting held in Istanbul that: “The final number of housing units and rural houses to be built in the earthquake areas will soon become clear with the completion of the removal garbage.”

And he stressed that: “The government will strive to take into account many factors when building new structures in earthquake areas, the most important of which are related to soil and geological conditions.”

Erdogan explained that “reconstruction projects will be safer and more resilient to potential disasters.”

Erdogan called in the presence of local and international scientists and experts to mobilize efforts to launch the “Turkish National Risk Shield” in an attempt to counter natural disasters in the country.

Source: Anatolia

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