122 Businessmen to Accompany President Yoon Seok Yul on his Delegation to the US: Yonhap Reports

Yonhap said a delegation of 122 South Korean businessmen will accompany President Yoon Seok Yul on his upcoming visit to the United States next week.

The agency said that this visit is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including advanced technology, culture and others.

According to the agency, the delegation will include heads of large commercial structures, including CEO of Samsung Electronics, chairman of SK Group, chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, as well as heads of 6 major trade associations, including the Federation of Industry, Korea and Korea Commerce and Industry ward.

President Yoon’s economic assistant Choi Sang-mook said the delegation accompanying President Yoon will be the largest business delegation since he became president, as small and medium-sized enterprises will represent 70 percent of the total delegation and will include different sectors.

President Yong is due to hold a summit meeting with his US counterpart Joe Biden on April 26, Chou said, and address a joint session of Congress the next day.

Yoon will also attend a ceremony in Washington where US high-tech companies will announce their plans to invest in South Korea, a business roundtable meeting of about 30 CEOs from both countries and other programs.

Source: Yonhap

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